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    Plastic surgery blog: Will you be decorating your bikini line?

    It is hard to believe that a trend would begin that involved gluing feathers to a woman’s bikini line and below. According to a recent online post for the women’s website Bliss this trend has popped up in a salon: The Completely Bare salon, owned by former Housewives of New York City star, Cindy Barshop. They have just announced two new spa treatments where real animal parts are glued to the bikini area. The Foxy Bikini sells for $225 and includes actual fox fur applied to and below the bikini line. And if you’re looking for a bit more color down there, you can opt for the Carnivale Bikini which uses neon-colored feathers and runs a mere $195. It is unclear why anyone would remove their own hair to put on animal hair or feathers. The writer of the blog post was certainly not in favor of the practice. If a woman is remotely considering investing in this type of look at flat abdomen is a must. Dr. Kim uses his expert training and innate skills to help women achieve a flat abdomen. Dr. Kim uses liposuction to concentrate on the upper abdomen, lower abdomen, love handles, and lower back. By concentrating on all of these areas Dr. Kim can make a substantial difference on the waistline. Some women have contouring concerns with their lower abs and typically are discouraged with the contour and shape ,even if they have never had children. Dr. Kim offers them encouragement by letting them know that he can use skill to carefully sculpt that specific area with liposuction and achieve a dramatic result that could not be achieved with diet and exercise alone.

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