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    Plastic surgery blog: Does Facebook define the relationship?

    Few can deny the power of social media specifically Facebook. Because of the nature of the medium it has had a profound effect on relationships. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article the relationship status feature of Facebook appears to be intrinsic to the success or not of countless romantic relationships between young people according to new research. A potentially unfavorable gender discrepancy emerged, however females revelation that they are in a relationship was not as significant to their male partners compared with how females felt concerning male partners indicating they are in a relationship. The study showed that couples do have fights over the relationship status feature on Facebook which is in all likelihood linked to feelings of jealousy, dedication, and dominance specifically for females the study’s authors said. Patients who have had cosmetic plastic surgery should consider the way they use social media as well as their friends when determining how much information they would like to share concerning their procedure. Dr. Kim and his staff are committed to patient privacy and do not share patient information without express consent from the patient. However, patients must take into consideration that if they have a cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation or rhinoplasty and their friends ( Facebook or otherwise) know about it there is a possibility they could post the information on Facebook. Patients should take privacy seriously and understand that with the popularity of social media sites and the Internet what is shared with one person is likely to be shared elsewhere. Dr. Kim’s patients are thrilled with their results and share their experiences through many different mediums. Dr. Kim is grateful for the referrals and expression of positive experiences from his patients.

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