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    Plastic surgery blog: Wardrobe woes could cause health problems

    According to ABC news story men and women who shoehorn themselves into skin tight jeans and battle to button their trousers or knot their neckties extra tightly might unknowingly endure nerve destruction, digestive disturbances, and even potentially deathly blood clots. They’re victims of fashion’s hidden health hazards. Even some beloved accessories like waist cinching belts can compact delicate nerves in the abdomen or disallow breathing and deny heart and brain of needed oxygen. In 2003, Parmar published a description of tingly thighs “in three mildly obese women who wore low-rise jeans throughout the previous few months. Their discomforts resolved after four to six weeks avoiding hip huggers and wearing loose-fitting dresses, according to Parmar’s 2003 correspondence in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Many women complain about thighs that are rubbing together when they walk. This does not always mean that the person is fat, sometimes it is just a targeted area that is thicker than the patient would like. Dr. Kim recommends liposuction as a solution to removing thickness on the inner thighs. Dr. Kim uses his artistic skill combined with his medical expertise to achieve optimal results. Patients should be aware that the inner thigh area is one of the most difficult areas to treat. The skin tends to be rather thin and in some cases surgeons could remove too much fat thus causing the skin to wrinkle. Dr. Kim emphasizes to his patients that liposuction results will vary greatly from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient. Patients choose Dr. Kim not just because of proven results, but also because of his commitment to safety.

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