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    Plastic surgery blog: Gyms for the obese; a niche market

    New Year’s resolutions overwhelmingly include the goal to lose weight. For some people especially obese people this can seem like a lofty goal especially after several failures. The Los Angeles Times recently reported about a gym in Chicago that is specifically devoted to people who need to lose more than 50 pounds. According to the article the gym is often perceived to cater mostly to fit, educated and middle- to upper-class clients. Increasingly, gyms are focusing on specific populations, such as women, young athletes and aging baby boomers. Largely ignored is the seemingly obvious niche of sedentary and overweight adults. Research shows that many workout deterrents — including exercising with the opposite sex, using complicated equipment and boredom — apply to overweight and normal-weight people alike. The idea of a gym specifically for obese people is not exactly new, and at $300 a month it is rather pricey. Dr. Kim prides himself in having an office that is professional and accepting of all patients. Located in Beverly Hills it can be rather intimidating for patients who think that they may not look the part to be a patient in Beverly Hills. Dr. Kim works hard for patients to understand their comfort is of his utmost concern. Patients can feel comfortable throughout the entire experience from the consultation through their postsurgical treatment. Although obese patients are not candidates for cosmetic surgery procedures, once they have lost the weight and maintain a stable weight they are often candidates for and abdominoplasty or facelift. These patients will tell you that in Dr. Kim’s office they were treated like every other patient with dignity and respect. Dr. Kim has enjoyed the benefits of a robust practice because of his experience, artistic skill, and equally as important, commitment to patient safety and results.

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