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    Plastic surgery blog: Miss California credits plastic surgery

    We should be happy when celebrities who have good plastic surgery results actually admit to the procedure. The newly crowned Miss California not only admits to her plastic surgery procedure but was actually featured in her plastic surgeons video. The encouraging portion of the story is not the fact that she applauds plastic surgery, but more the fact that the rhinoplasty procedure that she had performed made a substantial difference in her life and appearance. Dr. Kim routinely sees rhinoplasty patients like UCI student Natalie Ann Pack, who snagged the Miss California title, who are truly suffering from medical symptoms because of an injury to their nose. These patients seek out Dr. Kim as an a ASPS plastic surgeon because while correcting the results of the injury are extremely important, equally as important is the appearance once the surgery has been completed. Dr. Kim explains that he is experienced and qualified to treat many of the problems that can occur after a nasal injury. This training and experience is also combined with cosmetic plastic surgery which helps patients achieve the most aesthetically pleasing result. For patients who are concerned with their profile as part of their rhinoplasty procedure Dr. Kim helps patients to understand that their profile consist of not just the side angle but also the contour of the entire face. In some cases Dr. Kim may recommend a chin augmentation to balance the rhinoplasty result. The writer of The Orange County Register blog post that featured the story about Miss California, speculated that Natalie Ann Pack may have had some chin surgery or other facial surgery combined with her admitted rhinoplasty. Her surgeon’s response: her chin was not altered”. Either way, this Miss California pageant winner could go a long way in helping patients understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of when considering plastic surgery.

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