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    Plastic surgery blog: Men Care about their appearance

    Men have been conditioned to believe that focusing on their appearance is a feminine trait. This is rapidly changing with a population that is getting older and less willing to accept the signs of aging. For men it’s not just about wrinkles on the face it’s about excess weight around the middle of their waistline, and according to recent online article an increased concern about excessive male breast tissue. The slang term is moobs or man boobs. A recent online article reference the increase desire of men to get rid of the breast tissue that can cause them to look at the very least heavy and out of shape. The majorities of men is extremely embarrassed and look desperately to find a way to get rid of the male breast tissue. According to the article a survey of 400 men revealed the majority felt personally affected by ‘negative body talk’. They reported feeling ‘miserable’ and ‘insecure’ on hearing comments such as ‘look at his beer belly’ and ‘he’s too fat to wear that’ even if it was not directed at them but reinforced their own hang-ups. And nearly 1 in 5 men said they felt fat every single day, according to the study carried out by researchers at the University of the West of England’s Centre for Appearance Research in Bristol. Dr. Kim encourages male patients to be unashamed of pursuing the best possible appearance they can, at every stage of their life. The main concerns men typically have include gynecomastia which is excessive breast tissue, a thick midsection, and drooping tired looking eyes. Gynecomastia surgery is a rather straightforward procedure. Most men can have the procedure performed and return to a desk type job in 5 to 7 days. The male breast tissue is removed as well as fat that can make the chest look larger and disproportionate. Typically Dr. Kim will recommend liposuction to enhance the waist and allow more muscle tone to be visible. For the eyes, blepharoplasty will correct loose skin on the eyelids and bags beneath the eyes. Dr. Kim advises men that the benefits of maintaining their best appearance apply to both male and female patients.

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