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    Plastic surgery blog: Pregnancy takes a toll

    Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body and emotional state of mind. It can be both an exhilarating time as well as a stressful time for many women. A recent online article took exception to the media outlets that published a story concerning a woman with an eating disorder. According to the online article the media outlets were alleging that pregnancy was a cure for anorexia, the eating disorder the woman was suffering from. According to the post the woman in the article credits her ability to place her baby’s health above her own as a cure for her anorexia. The online article is very stern in pointing out that pregnancy is not a cure for anorexia. This attitude assumes that the woman will place the baby’s health above their own. It also assumes that once the baby is born that all of the issues that led to the eating disorder will miraculously disappear. Based on the recidivism rate for patients who suffer from eating disorders, it is evident that without treatment the likelihood of the triggers that caused the eating disorder being powerful enough to cause a relapse is very good. Dr. Kim empathizes with his many patients who have had children and realize that their bodies have changed dramatically. Although most patients are not suffering from eating disorders, it is one of the medical conditions patients are advised to disclose to Dr. Kim. Provided the patient is healthy, most women choose to have breast augmentation( some with a breast lift) and abdominoplasty to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. These procedures address the sagging and loss of volume in the breast as well as the loose and lax skin on the abdomen. For better contour, Dr. Kim may add liposuction to enhance the waistline. Overwhelmingly, patients are thrilled with the results. Pregnancy does take a toll on a woman’s body but there is hope and satisfaction available through the expertise and skill Dr. Kim offers.

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