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    Plastic Surgery Blog: Pain Medication Alternatives

    Nobody likes to be in pain. Pain medication can have side effects that are a concern for patients. According to a recent news story there are some supplements that claim to help ease pain. According to the article there are anti-inflammatory plants and herbs. They are believed to work the same way as NSAIDs so therefore they can create some of the same risk including bleeding and upset stomach. However the side effects are considered to be less severe than taking NSAIDs. People who are taking the medications for blood thinning are strongly cautioned to check with their primary care physician before using any pain managing supplements. Vitamin D is one of the supplements that claims to help with chronic pain. Gluclosomine sulfate is believed to help with arthritic pain. It is also believed to slow the progression of osteoarthritis. Acetyl-L-carnitine is known to ease nerve pain. This pain supplement also claims to repair damaged nerves and over time help nerves regain sensitivity. Bromelain is known to reduce both information as well as paint. It is not certain how it is absorbed into the digestive system and more research will need to be done. Dr. Kim explains to patients that while pain and discomfort is part of most plastic surgery procedures patients do very well with the recovery process. Patients who are having breast augmentation or abdominoplasty are more likely to experience greater degrees of pain and discomfort. Dr. Kim has an empathetic approach and it is his goal to help patients through the recovery with minimal pain and discomfort. In most cases prescription pain medication is written for patients and Dr. Kim listens carefully to his patients to determine the best way to minimize pain for each patient. Patients are not advised to take any supplements that are not approved by Dr. Kim in combination with their prescription pain medications

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