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    The Perfect Nose

    Having the perfect nose may not seem like a big deal to most people, but if you do not like your nose and profile it can be a something that you look at every time you see a picture of yourself or look in the mirror. For many patients the idea of having rhinoplasty or what some call a nose job is a a way to have the type of nose they desire. For patients who are considering rhinoplasty is important that they are able to communicate what they consider to be their perfect nose. Dr. Kim is careful to explain that while there is no such thing as a perfect nose, in many cases he can help to enhance the shape and contour of a patient’s nose. Patients need to communicate to Dr. Kim not only what they don’t like about their nose, but also what they would like to see as a change in the shape and contour of their nose. It is important that patients describe not only the overall shape of their nose in the changes they would like to see, but also the shape and position of the nostrils. It is also important that they communicate what they like or dislike about their profile and overall shape of their face as it relates to their nose. As an artist and plastic surgeon Dr. Kim explains that rhinoplasty surgery is often combined with chin augmentation using a chin implant. For some patients this not only helps to improve their profile but also it enhances the shape of the nose as it relates to the face. Dr. Kim further explains that while rhinoplasty surgery focuses on the nose alone it is important to take into consideration how the rhinoplasty surgery will affect the look of the entire face. Patients who are considering rhinoplasty are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim.

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