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    Plastic surgery blog: Photo Re-touching funny or foul?

    In this day and age, as technology continues to progress, the line between reality and real has become ever so faint. The latest celebrity to be outed for over-the-top Photoshop is the pitch woman for the AbGlider, The View co- host Elizabeth Hasselbeck. In the popular infomercial viewers see Elizabeth touting the wonderful attributes of the at home exercise machine. As she approaches the camera, there is a shot in plain view, where Elizabeth appears to have no bellybutton at all. All you can see is a smooth stomach. Obviously, it is a case of excessive photo retouching. As a matter fact, minutes later in the same infomercial her bellybutton mysteriously reappeares. This incident was the subject for a recent Orange County Register blog. Elizabeth as the mother of three children, proves to be quite an impressive pitch woman for an exercise machine that claims to give anybody a flat abdomen, even after having multiple children. The fact that her photograph had to be retouched in order to be believable, takes the amusement out of the situation. Women should understand that loose and lax skin usually comes after bearing children and cannot be exercised away. Dr. Kim explains carefully to patients who have had children that an abdominoplasty actually removes the loose and lax skin. The procedure allows him to not only remove the skin but stretch, pull down and tuck the skin into and incision low in the bikini line. This creates a flat tight abdomen. The muscles that were stretched and pregnancy are also tightened. Typically Dr. Kim will perform liposuction to enhance the entire waistline. The results Dr. Kim is able to achieve could never be achieved through exercise alone. Dr. Kim strives to provide patients real life results, resulting in real life satisfaction.

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