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    Plastic Surgery Blog: Susan Sarandon Admits to Plastic Surgery

    According to a recent celebrity online blog actress Susan Sarandon recently fessed up to having cosmetic plastic surgery, and made it known that she plans to have even more. “I’ve had some lipo under my chin and under my eyes,” Sarandon, 65 admitted. She added that she would possibly have more work done in the future to keep a natural look. She made a point to let her fans know that she would not overdo it. I have these two huge frown lines here (on my forehead),” Sarandon explained. “But if you can’t move your face or you’re unrecognizable, I don’t see how that’s a productive enhancement. You don’t want to look like a female impersonation of yourself. In her guest appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, Sarandon spoke about her older woman, younger man romance with businessman Jonathan Brinklin, 34. That seemed more interesting than the cosmetic plastic surgery to the audience. Dating is such a stupid word,” the actress said. “You can say…We are collaborating in a lot of different areas. The aging of Hollywood actresses is inevitable, but it is refreshing when one admits to doing a little bit of cosmetic surgery and getting great value from it. Dr. Kim is careful to help his patients understand that antiaging is a process. It involves addressing the aging process as soon as women began to see signs that they are not happy with. This is why most patients begin Botox and medical grade skin care in their early 30’s. Many patients will have a modified facelift as early as mid-40’s along with a blepharoplasty and brow lift. At this age, the change is subtle yet dramatic enough to yield as much as a ten year difference in their appearance. Celebrities that have used this approach successfully are the ones that the public usually finds to be ”aging gracefully”.

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