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    Plastic surgery blog: Sexy photos, not OK with gym members

    As the New Year is in the midst of its first full week, a controversy is brewing in nearby Orange County. According to the Orange County register the new ownership of LA sports club in Irvine has placed photos that many of the members feel are too racy, too suggestive, and too sexy. Equinox, the new owners have locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and other major cities, and they claim the same photos are in those locations and accepted by their members without complaint. Member Amy Kajiya said, I find the campaign extremely offensive but I’ll adjust, but I have three kids – ages 5, 3 ½ and 2 – and how do I explain that picture? One of the reasons I chose that club was the kids club. It appears from the article that the main complaints were based on scantily clad women and what was perceived as overtly sexual poses. Dr. Kim understands the sensitivity of controversial photos that show the human body. In plastic surgery we are sometimes in situations where the decision to have plastic surgery is confused with sexuality. Procedures including breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction are often associated with sexuality when for many patients the decision is rarely about sex appeal. Most women who decide to have breast surgery do so to feel better about themselves and how they look in their clothes. Of course the benefit of looking better naked is important as well. Most women after having breast augmentation are extremely thrilled with the results and recommend their friends and family to Dr. Kim regularly.

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