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    Plastic surgery blog: Beauty spoofed; laugh then what?

    Interestingly the media is able to keep us interested by showing us beautiful uncommon images. What is different and beautiful will always draw the eye. Some critics are adamantly opposed to what they refer to as exploitation using very thin models with beautiful chiseled faces. With technology, it is often a result of Photoshop and airbrush techniques. The Orange County Register recently picked up on a video that has gone viral that spoofs the beauty industry and the high standards of commercials. Here is the video: Fotoshop by Adobé . While the video is funny, and makes a point of the extreme marketing it takes to sell a beauty product or service. Consumers should understand that marketing is exactly that; marketing. It is designed to change your mind or entice you to purchase something. As much as critics would like to believe that regular looking “people with “average looks” can sell beauty, the reality is that’s never been the case. It has been tried with companies that wanted to be socially responsible using what they called real life people but the campaigns were usually short-lived. So, more often than not consumers want to look at something they perceive as beautiful in order to be enticed to purchase it. Plastic surgery sometimes comes under fire for images of beautiful women and men used in some marketing. For Dr. Kim the stereotype is unfair because he believes that people should look their absolute best, not like someone else. Dr. Kim values the patient physician relationship and does not force ideas or recommendations on patients. Patients who are considering breast augmentation or body contouring procedures are not misled to believe that they will achieve a shape contour that is not possible for their body shape. Patients are not encouraged to look like models or celebrities. Although Beverly Hills is Dr. Kim’s location, in no way does he pressure patients to seek procedures based on celebrity or model perceptions. This is one of the many reasons Dr. Kim enjoys a robust referral practice.

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