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    Plastic Surgery Blog: The truth behind wrinkles

    Wrinkles are a part of the aging process nobody ever likes to see appear especially on their face. According to a recent online article in Self magazine there are different types of wrinkles and different ways to handle each one. According to the article Atrophic crinkling rhytids are fine lines on the face that are almost parallel to each other.
    These appear on different areas of the face and body, but usually disappear when skin is stretched transversally or your body position changes. These wrinkles usually come from loss of elasticity: Since these wrinkles are because of the loss of collagen, patients are advised to protect the skin by using sunscreen. Moisturizers also work as a temporary fix. Permanent elastic creases are deep creases and lines that are usually the result of extensive sun exposure over the years. Smoking is also a huge contributor to these types of wrinkles. Dynamic expression lines come from facial movement. These would be laugh lines or lines from squinting. These are the lines that respond to injectable treatments like Botox or fillers. Gravitational folds are the wrinkles that come as a result of the gravitational pull of loose and lax skin. These are the wrinkles that respond best to a facelift, brow lift, or eye lift. Dr. Kim makes it a point to help patients understand that eventually every person has the effects of one or all of these types of wrinkles. The good news is that cosmetic plastic surgery is an extremely effective way to rejuvenate the face and slowdown the signs of aging.

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