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    Plastic surgery blog: Study proves plastic surgery makes you look younger

    Plastic surgery especially facial rejuvenation has been presented as a solution to looking younger, yet until now there were few studies that actually proved it. According to a recent Los Angeles Times article patients on average, in the case of one Canadian doctor, looked 7.2 years younger. According to this study patients who had multiple facial rejuvenation procedures including facelift, eyelid lift, and brow lift had the most significant reduction of the signs of aging. The participants who rated the photographs of patients were first-year medical students. They had no connection to the patients whatsoever. This helped the results to remain objective. “Our results show a modest but significant reduction in perceived age after aesthetic facial surgery,” the co-authors wrote. “Although motivations for aesthetic surgery may vary, a prevailing concept includes the desire to achieve a more youthful appearance while maintaining one’s unique attributes and identifying characteristics. Given these expectations, a mean 7.2-year reduction in perceived age is indeed consistent with this goal.” Dr. Kim has witnessed his facial rejuvenation patients enjoy the benefits which include looking an average 10 years younger than their stated age. Patient should note that this study reviewed the results of one doctor’s patients. Facial rejuvenation results are heavily dependent upon many factors one of which is the doctor’s expertise and skill. Dr. Kim as an artist and surgeon combines both of these talents, and is able to deliver superior results to his patients.

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