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    Psychologist warns not to flush the multi-vitamins! Yet…

    A new report that cited a Finland study concerning older women and the use of multi-vitamins appears to have gone viral over the internet. Women are talking about it enough that a recent article in the Huffington Post written by a psychologist highlighted the hysteria. According to the article, the rumor is that a study came out of Finland determining that older women who took multivitamins were at greater risk of death. The author of the article attempts to show how flawed this information can be once it hits the internet and is shared among millions.- JAMA came out with an article recommending all adults take a daily multivitamin. Now, there’s this study.The writer questioned how many people read the vitamin story and reacted without really investigating the information? They get thwacked by a viral headline and immediately push the panic button. It’s hard to blame them, for we live in a world increasingly like the inside of a pinball machine. There are more and more media levers and arms flapping and flailing to get our attention.Plastic surgery is often the target of the same panic buttons that have affected this vitamin story. Dr. Kim encourages his patients to be diligent in their research when reading a new study. Breast augmentation and breast implants have come under more scrutiny than almost any other medical device. Dr. Kim provides patients with information concerning both saline and silicone implants. He is committed to explaining the information in easy to understand language so that his patients are well-informed. Dr. Kim encourages his patients to ask questions if they are unclear about the results of the study or information they may have received from an outside source that relates to their plastic surgery decision.

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