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    A new twist for the bride to be… No, Really

    An aerobic twist is the latest craze for the bachelorette party. According to the New York Times brides to be are turning in the bar table dances for aerobics, Zumba,and pilates. This makes perfect sense especially for women who have dieted and made healthy choices to look great for that perfect day. Sometimes the exertion is a prelude to the more typical excess, or as a way of sweating it out the morning after. But often, it reflects shifting priorities among a new generation of brides.“People are getting married a little bit older, and they know who they are more and that’s reflected in the bachelorette parties,” said Christi Masi, a personal trainer in Seattle who’s worked with hundreds of brides as “chief exercise officer” of the Healthy Bride boot camps. Dr. Kim reminds his patients who are preparing for their wedding day to allow plenty of time for healing before the big day. For patients having breast augmentation and liposuction swelling after surgery could affect the way their wedding dress fits. It is a good idea to allow 3 to 6 months for bruising and swelling to subside. Members of the bridal party may choose to have their surgery together.If this is the case, Dr. Kim will recommend that patients allow plenty of time for everyone in the bridal party to heal and look great in their dresses. Most women begin planning their wedding 18 months or at least ayear in advance. Plastic surgery should be part of the plan early on for the best overall patient experience.

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