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    Skin Cancer Dangerous for Fish Too

    Skin cancer is not a disease that is talked about as much as other cancers. But, the seriousness of the disease and the ease of preventing it should be talked about often. Excessive direct sun exposure has been known to cause skin cancer. According to a recent KTLA news report the dangers extend to animals as well. According to the news report scientists have discovered the wild fish are contracting skin cancer from ultraviolet radiation. About 15% of coral trout located in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef were found to have cancerous lesions on the scales. They’re said to closely resemble the Australian population. Two and three people who live in Australia are estimated to be diagnosed with skin cancer prior to the age of 70. This is the highest rate in the world. Skin cancer is associated with the fact that Australia is directly under the biggest hole in the ozone layer. Scientists were surprised to make the discovery of skin cancer in the fish. Initially they thought the patches were some sort of infection and later found them to be melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Dr. Kim emphasizes to patients that sunscreen should be worn on a daily basis to block dangerous UV rays that are known to cause skin cancer. Moles that have changed color, gotten larger, or are bleeding should also be removed. Many patients have Dr. Kim perform mole removal because of their concern for the appearance of the incision and subsequent scar. Patients who are having procedures like breast augmentation or facelift and have moles in the area where the procedure will be performed, should consider having the moles removed at the same time they are having surgery. Other patients may contact the office to schedule an appointment.

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