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    Sleepless in LA? Alternative Methods Could Help

    Getting the proper amount of sleep is a no brainer is if you want to stay healthy. But, according to a recent ABC news story few people actually get the proper amount of sleep. According to the news story a new alternative solution may work. According to the news story using a type of biofeedback called brainwave optimization, patients could get a better night’s sleep. ”It’s kind of like pushing the reset button in that you get back to a balanced level to start with, said neurologist Dr. Charles Tegeler. Tegeler says stress or trauma can disrupt the brain’s natural rhythms and balance. The way biofeedback works is sensors attach to the scalp and make a connection to a brain-mapping computer that reads brain waves. The brain waves are then translated into frequencies and analyzed. Dominant frequencies are then assigned a musical tone and that is piped into the patient through ear phones. As the brain listens to the musical tones, changes can occur in the brain, actually helping you get to sleep. This causes everything to relax and getting to sleep is much easier. Dr Kim consults with patients who admit that lack of sleep has taken a toll on their appearance. Many complain of bags beneath the eyes and wrinkles on their forehead from raising their brow to look more awake. Dr Kim may recommend Botox injections (for the forehead and crowsfeet) , a brow lift and blepharoplasty for the bags beneath the eyes. While these recommendations will yield incredible results, patients must engage in the proper amount of sleep for the best long term results.

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