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    Tanning Arrest Makes Headlines

    The media was abuzz today because an arrest was made for tanning. Upon further investigation, we learn that the arrest was made because a mother allegedly allowed her five-year-old daughter to use the tanning bed. According to the KTLA news story a New Jersey mother is accused of causing the girl to suffer burns. Patricia Krentcil, 44, has been formally charged wit second-degree child endangerment. The nurse at her daughter Anna’s school saw that the girl had what looked like a rash, according to a report on Good Morning America. Anna conveyed to the nurse that it was from going tanning with her mother, and the school called child services. Essex County prosecutors say that it is their belief Krentcil let her daughter accompany her into the tanning booth without the salon’s knowledge or approval.
    They chose not to name the salon involved, saying the reason is because it is an ongoing investigation. Krentcil denies any doing anything wrong, saying she has taken her daughter to the tanning salon with her, but that she has never taken her into the tanning booth. Instead, Krentcil is adamant that Anna suffered a sunburn from outdoor sun while gardening. This case is a bit bizarre and after looking at the mother, it’s obvious she has a love of the tanning bed. The tanning bed can cause severe damage to the skin. Dr. Kim warns patients of the dangers associated with tanning beds and excessive sun exposure. Premature aging is inevitable for patients who insist upon using tanning beds. Contrary to what some may believe surgical enhancements like facelift, brow lift, or blepharoplasty will not erase the lines and wrinkles and skin damage that happens over time with tanning bed exposure or excessive exposure to the outdoor sun.

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