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    Snap on teeth? Can temporary solutions fix long term problems?

    Who would have ever thought that there would be snap on teeth? They are marketed as a temporary solution but one must wonder why someone would spend $1000 on a solution that doesn’t fix the problem. Just as in dentistry, plastic surgery has many different short term solutions that are marketed as more aggressive and permanent solutions. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that heavily marketed procedures designed to replace facelifts and liposuction rarely achieve the dramatic results most patients desire. The new competitive plastic surgery market leads the patient to believe that they can achieve dramatic facelift or abdominoplasty results with minimal surgery and minimal downtime. In most cases if the patient is truly a facelift or abdominoplasty candidate doing less will only give them a lesser result. Plastic surgery decisions should never be made based on compromising the results. Snap on teeth may catch on but the question remains: is it best for the patient? According to ABC Century City dentist Kelly Hong takes a wax impression of the patients smile sends the mold to a lab where technicians created a cast of what would ultimately be a picture-perfect smile. The cost is $1,000, about the price of one veneer.

    The Snap-On Smile is made of a special crystal resin. It’s flexible and users can even eat and drink with it on.

    However, oral hygiene is a must for those who choose to wear one.

    Hong instructs patients to brush and clean their teeth well so further decay doesn’t cause any more health problems.

    With proper care, the Snap-On Smile could last three to five years, but Hong warns it is only a temporary solution.

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