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    So, Still Not Losing Weight?

    Few things top the list of frustrating experiences, then dieting and still not losing weight. According to a recent ABC News story there could be some hidden behaviors that are causing your weight loss to be ineffective. According to the news story there are some key reasons the weight may not be falling off. One of the culprits could be that you are cutting too many calories.Rarely will an expert advise you to eat less than 1,400 calories per day. If you consume less than that, your metabolism slows down to save the needed. Another hidden behavior may be over-compensating after exercise. Exercising heavily and then rewarding yourself with fattening drinks or snacks is counterproductive. Some are surprised to learn that consuming diet drinks doesn’t really help you to lose weight .Research scientists discovered that those who drink diet sodas had a 178 percent greater increase in waist size over a 10 year. Compared to those who don’t drink it. If you are not keeping a food and fitness monitor (especially the electronic kind), you probably think you’re doing more and eating less than you actually are. Sad truth is if you have overweight friends, a Harvard study found that you have a greater chance of being heavy too because of the perception of accepted weight fluctuations in the people more closely associated with. Giving up wine could affect your weight loss goals. One13-year study discovered women who drank one or two glasses a day gained less that those who don’t drink wine at all. The low-carb low-fat diet still has yet to yield could scientific evidence-based results. This diet could have your body lacking nutrients if you’re consuming meager meals. You should add lean proteins, whole grain with lots of fiber, heart-healthy fats and loads of produce. Dr. Kim advises his patients that if it is the contour that patients are unhappy with, in other words, the shape of certain areas on their body then the issue is not weight loss. For these patients especially if they are at, or close to their ideal body weight, liposuction is an excellent solution. Using artistic skill and surgical expertise, Dr. Kim is able to contour most any part of the body for a more aesthetically pleasing shape. This includes areas such as the upper abdomen, upper back, and hips. These areas are virtually impossible to improve with weight loss. For patients who have a significant component of loose and lax skin on their abdomen, and abdominoplasty combined with liposuction may be a better recommendation. The key is for patients to understand that body contour and weight loss are two different issues.

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