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    Soul-Cycle coming to LA Good or bad?

    A new twist on indoor cycling or spinning is making its way across the East Coast to the West Coast. It’s called Soul Cycling. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times slammed the safety and effectiveness of Soul Cycle. The classes claim to work both the upper body and lower body simultaneously. The upper body is intended to be worked out by using 1 pound weights and doing upper body weight bearing exercises while pedaling fiercely on the indoor cycle. All of this activity is performed to loud pulsating music with high energy and beautiful instructors. So, what is the criticism? Medical and fitness experts interviewed for the article claimed that not only is the exercise teen ineffective but it also could injure the lower back for participants over time. The classes are wildly popular and only time will tell whether they take off in LA. Dr. Kim advises patients who participate in rigorous exercise routines such as Soul Cycling, that should they decide to have plastic surgery they will need to plan for time away from strenuous exercise. Patients considering procedures including breast augmentation, breast lift, or small areas of liposuction commonly are involved in consistent exercise routines. Some patients worry that if they miss their workout for a few weeks that they will lose the benefits of their hard work. The truth is, most patients resume their workout and are as strong as they were prior to surgery. For the best results it is important that patients follow Dr. Kim’s recommendations following surgery.

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