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    Think Yourself Skinny… Really?

    As we approach the New Year many articles will promote weight loss and fitness ideas. Women’s Health Magazine is no exception. According to a recent online article an author of a recently released book promises to give you the inside tips on how to lose weight with positive thinking. According to the article your thoughts are what will guide you to success or to failure. If you’re in the wrong state of mind, you won’t stick it out through the exercises or follow the eating plan. It’s up to us to go against the grain. Taking personal responsibility for what you do, think, feel, say, and eat are all a part of inducing change. The article suggests that if you commit to changing the way you think, that will change what you eat, and in exchange you will lose the weight. It doesn’t claim that it will be easy but the article encourages us and tells us that we can do it. So, for those who are seeking better contour in their skinny jeans Dr. Kim is able to recommend liposuction. Amazingly the liposuction procedure can sculpt the bulges on the outer thighs, flatten the stomach, and create a shapely and more aesthetically pleasing body. The results Dr. Kim is able to achieve could not be obtained through diet and exercise alone. Thinking yourself skinny may sound too good to be true; but, Dr. Kim achieves enviable liposuction results on a consistent basis.

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