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    More doctors choose alternative therapy

    Traditional medicine has begun to see a shift towards alternative therapies. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times more doctors are electing for these procedures in their own lives and therefore offering the therapies to their own patients. Alternative therapies could include anything from massage to acupuncture to Jazzercise. According to the article complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, combines the methods with traditional medicine. The point is that the alternative therapy helps to treat a symptoms without medicine. Doctors who work in hospital integrative medicine departments or use CAM methods in their own practices say their referrals from other physicians have been steadily increasing, though many physicians are still reluctant to suggest it. But doctors agree that patients themselves are the ones who have pushed much of the change in health care. Most are reluctant to include cosmetic plastic surgery as alternative therapy when talking about non-traditional solutions. The reality is in some cases it can in fact be considered alternative therapy. For example laser resurfacing procedures performed by Dr. Kim can provide impressive results for patients suffering from acne scarring or discoloration due to sun damage and other environmental factors. Also, medical grade skin care treatments can provide therapeutic relief for dull and lifeless looking skin. Patients who benefit from alternative therapies continue to embrace cosmetic surgery procedures including breast augmentation and liposuction because there are limitations to the results patients can expect from alternative therapies.

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