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    Tom Cruise turns 50 on July 3rd ; Denies Plastic Surgery

    Tom Cruise famously quoted in an interview for Playboy magazine concerning plastic surgery I haven’t, and I never would. This statement was published the May issue of Playboy magazine and as we know a lot has changed since then. Tom Cruise is now on the way to becoming a bachelor again at 50. Will this change his mind about the possibility of plastic surgery? It’s anybody’s guess and since he is not likely to admit, it the public can only speculate. It is important to note that Tom Cruise looks great for a 50-year-old man and if he has done so without any plastic surgery that is his choice. However, the average male approaching 50 years old is not likely to have skin that looks like Tom Cruise or abs that look like his either. Dr. Kim consults with male patients who are concerned with the effects of aging and often look to celebrities like Cruise and wonder why they don’t have the same results. Dr. Kim explains that genetics play a large part in how a person ages. Also, it is likely that as a celebrity Cruise has had the advantage of the best foods, skin care, and lifestyle amenities money can buy. For most men all it takes is a decision to invest in products and services that will help them to maintain their most youthful appearance. Dr. Kim explains the some of the most popular procedures for men include Botox injectables which will help with wrinkles on the forehead. Also, gynecomastia( surgery that removes excessive male breast tissue) is also very popular. Many men over 50, also take advantage of abdominal liposuction which will help them to create and maintain a svelte and attractive waistline. Dr. Kim encourages men to schedule a consultation and determine if plastic surgery can help them to achieve the appearance they desire.

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