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    What Happens When A REAL Artist Performs Plastic Surgery?

    An artist can be defined in many different ways. Artistic skill and talent can manifest itself on canvas, a sketchpad, with clay or a number of other ways. Dr. Kim has possessed artistic talent since he was a young boy and has an innate talent for sketching lifelike depictions of the human face and body. So, it is not a surprise that combining talent with the skills of a plastic surgeon that the results he is able to yield are nothing short of phenomenal. It is not an overstatement when it is said by many of Dr. Kim’s patients that he is a true artist. This talent can best be appreciated with surgeries such as complex rhinoplasty or breast augmentation for women with severe asymmetries. An artistic eye combined with skilled surgical hands allow Dr. Kim to help patients who require complex rhinoplasty because they may have severe asymmetries, or require additional molding and sculpting to achieve stellar results that may seem unlikely in the hands of an average plastic surgeon. For patients who are considering breast augmentation and have severe breast asymmetries, which could include a deep indentation in the chest wall, or significant differences in breast tissue from one side compared to the other, Dr. Kim’s artistic skill and talent prove valuable in helping him to achieve the best symmetric results possible. While artistic skill from a plastic surgeon cannot be quantified in dollars and cents patients should never take for granted the value of and aesthetic artistic I when considering plastic surgery. The recommendation, the results, and the overall consistency of a plastic surgeons work heavily rely on the plastic surgeons artistic skill and talent. Dr. Kim encourages patients to schedule a consultation to see how his artistic skills and surgical talent can help them to achieve the look that they desire.

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