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    Weekend make-up sleep doesn’t work

    It is very tempting in today’s market to work very hard all week long with little to no sleep. In theory why not catch up on the weekend? Studies show our bodies do not work that way. This proves what plastic surgeons like Dr. Kim have conveyed to patients for years. It is virtually impossible to fool the human body. Patients who are sleep deprived suffer from not only health issues but also appearance issues. Patients can experience lose and lax skin causing droopy eyelids along with prominent bags beneath the eyes. In these cases Dr. Kim recommends an upper and lower blepharoplasty. This is performed by removing a small sliver of skin in the crease of the eyelid and tightening the skin in the outer creases of the eyes. Once this surgery is performed it creates a much more alert and open looking appearance. Patients must eliminate the lack of sleep from their lifestyle in order to maintain their best results. According to ABC7

    If you’re not getting enough sleep during the work week, researchers say you can’t make it up on the weekends.

    They say people who are sleep-deprived during the week need more than just a couple nights’ rest to recover.

    Scientists at Pennsylvania State University studied healthy people in their 20s in a sleep lab. After a few nights of getting six hours of sleep, followed by a couple of 10-hour nights, the participants still scored low on psycho-motor tests.

    However, women appeared to recover better than men.

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