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    Women and hair loss an issue

    It can be devastating for a woman to lose her hair. Women will sometimes have to resort to wigs and other means to hide a balding scalp. Dr.Kim assures patients with this issue that they do not need to be embarrassed or self conscious. When patients are considering a facelift or brow lift a woman with thinning hair may be concerned with keeping the incisions well hidden. With Dr. Kim’s artistic ability allows him to creatively search for the best options for each patient. An endoscopic brow lift may be an option which would allow the patient to avoid a long incision. Dr. Kim understands the sensitivity of this issue for women and is committed to ensuring the best patient experience. Hair loss happens in women for different reasons. According to CBS Los Angeles when it comes to women losing hair, medical experts say it’s more about age than genes.

    Dr. Lorrie Klein of the Dermatology and Laser Centers says hair loss among women is a common problem and one many might not even be aware of.

    “The reason we think of hair loss as a male issue is because men can go bald, completely. Most women don’t go completely bald, they thin,” according to Klein.

    But now, one state-of-the-art device may be able to rid women of mild to moderate hair loss.

    It’s called iGrow and is made right here in the Southland. For nearly $700 and about 20 minutes (two to three times a week) iGrow claims to grow back mild to moderate hair loss.

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