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    What Can You Do with Thighs That Look Fat?

    When you are on your way to the beach with your new swimsuit and you look in the mirror one last time it is likely that you will look at your thighs and either be thrilled or disgusted. There has been a lot in the news lately concerning cellulite but people often overlook the value of shapely and toned looking thighs. For the patient who is in shape, exercises regularly, and is good about their diet and exercise, yet still have a thickness to their outer and inner thighs this can be extremely frustrating. Many patients with this dilemma tell Dr. Kim that they exercise with weights and specific exercises that promise to make the thighs look thinner and more toned. In many cases the patient is actually causing the thighs to look larger by increasing the size of the muscle. Dr. Kim explains that for the right candidate liposuction can be an excellent option. Liposuction is a sculpting procedure which as an artist and plastic surgeon Dr. Kim is able to sculpt the thighs using different size liposuction instruments to create a natural looking and toned appearance. The outer and inner thighs are two of the most difficult areas to achieve impressive results and the skill and expertise of the plastic surgeon is heavily dependent upon the overall outcome. Specifically the inner thigh area tends to have a degree of laxity to skin and it is important for the surgeon to be skilled in handling this area very delicately. Dr. Kim explains to patients the risks and complications that are associated with liposuction, however, patients are informed that complications are rare and that most patients are thrilled with the results Dr. Kim is able to achieve

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