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    Women’s Heart Failure Symptoms Different Than Men

    Some recommendations are being made for women concerning heart failure symptoms that fall short of addressing the needs of women specifically. According to recent online article women and men share many of the same symptoms when it comes to heart disease but when considering heart failure women have their own unique set of warning signs they should be aware of. Congestive heart failure accounts for 159,000 women dying every year this is four times as many as breast cancer. Women don’t have the typical symptoms, said cardiologist Dr. Ali Tabrizchi. The symptoms for women are easy to ignore and include: tiredness, shortness of breath, swelling or unexplained weight gain. Many patients just get used to the symptoms and the shortness of breath they may attribute to lack of exercise or aging. Tabrizchi says “even if you only have one of these symptoms you need to be evaluated for underlying heart disease.” Dr. Kim requires all patients to provide a medical history prior to having any plastic surgery procedure. Older patients are required to obtain medical clearance from their primary care physician prior to having plastic surgery procedures. As an ASPS plastic surgeon patient safety is of the utmost concern. Many women who are considering procedures like abdominoplasty or facelift could find that not all doctors performing plastic surgery procedures will require medical testing clearance prior to surgery. Patients are cautioned that the requirement for pre-surgical testing is in the interest of patient safety. While plastic surgery complications are extremely rare they can happen. The best way to ensure that health risks are minimized is to be as certain as possible that the patient is in excellent health. Dr. Kim provides every patient with written detailed information including the risks and benefits of plastic surgery.

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