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    Surprising foods that you should be eating

    The old saying that you are what you eat really is true. As Americans scramble to find the next great health food a recent NBC news report reminded us that many of the foods that are good for us are available right in our own kitchen. According to the article many of us had favorite eats hit the healthy-food blacklist, but thankfully, some of them are making a return. In fact, recent research has not only redeemed once-taboo foods such as steak, eggs (yolks included), and peanut butter but also found that when eaten in moderation, some of them may actually help you conquer the scale. This is great news especially if you have given up your favorite food and been craving it for a long time.Dr. Kim helps patients understand that diet is very important to your overall weight and appearance; however, it is not the whole story. Often times as people age the way that they metabolize their food changes. It is not uncommon for patients to find that they have stubborn areas of fat that are virtually impossible to lose even with proper diet and exercise. For these patients Dr. Kim may recommend liposuction. As a true artist he is able to sculpt the body and create a much more aesthetically pleasing shape. The results Dr. Kim is able to achieve are often far superior to those obtainable through diet and exercise alone. For the abdominal area, if patients have excessive loose skin Dr. Kim may recommend an abdominoplasty. This would allow him to remove the loose skin as well as tighten the abdominal muscle for a flatter abdomen.

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