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    Is Menopause the End of a Sexier You?

    Many women dread menopause mostly because of negative myths and fears. According to a recent ABC news article, night sweats, unexplained weight gain, and mood swings are just a few of the negative symptoms that are associated with the change of life or menopause for women. But according to the article, menopause doesn’t have to feel like a death sentence. According to Staness Jonekos, who was interviewed for the article, she claims menopause was one of the best things that ever happened to her. She credits a few lifestyle changes in says she now looks and feels better than she ever did before. The doctor who was interviewed for the story says that one of the most commonly held myths about menopause is that it is the beginning of a boring sedentary lifestyle. The doctor wants women to treat menopause as a transition not as a destination. Another commonly held myth is that with menopause comes the end of a satisfying sex life. It is true that hormones shift and that general health factors and social factors could have a negative effect on a woman’s libido. But, experts recommend regularly exercising which not only helps women to stay active but also to embrace their toned and attractive appearance. According to the news story engaging in sex stimulates blood flow and actually keeps women healthy. Depression is another side effect women may experience. According to the news story these are not clinical symptoms so they are temporary -if it does happen. Dr. Kim encourages women who are premenopausal and postmenopausal to use this time in life to consider cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. For many women this is a great time to choose breast augmentation or breast lift to create a more youthful shape and figure. For other women liposuction of the abdomen or abdominoplasty can make a substantial difference in their self-esteem self-confidence and appearance.

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