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    British Plastic Surgeons Promote Breast Implants Buy one Get Free

    Plastic surgery has become competitive around the globe. For many it is become another commodity compared by some with the purchasing of any other service. According to recent online article British plastic surgeons are offering unprecedented incentives to lure new patients to their office. According to the article the famous marketing tactic ‘buy one, get one free’ or ‘BOGOF’ is being offered by some surgeons to entice women to schedule breast augmentation or rhinoplasty. The offers most closely associated with supermarket type deals are considered over-the-top, and acts of desperation. Some are even offering the opportunity to order online using a shopping cart and get an even cheaper deal with limited no refund types of offers. The trend has become so alarming that specialist from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have aggressively pursued measures with the General Medical Council to implement mandates and penalties for surgeons who utilize such practices. It was reported in The Times that Nigel Mercer, the incoming president of the European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said: This is unethical and is happening on a huge scale, the Daily Mail reported. Dr. Kim warns patients that when choosing a plastic surgeon, while price is part of the equation it should never be the main issue. As an ASPS plastic surgeon Dr. Kim adheres to the specialized guidelines created for the elite members(less than 3% of all surgeons) that are created to ensure patient trust, safety, and superior results. As a talented artist as well as skilled surgeon, Dr. Kim is able to deliver results that are unique to his specific talents and skill. All plastic surgeons are not created equal so it is impossible for patients to compare plastic surgeons and get exactly the same results from each one.

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