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    Pan Handling for Breast Implants

    There has been a story in the news for the past few days about a woman who ”took to the streets” to pay for her breast augmentation. According to an online report of the incident an Ohio woman set out to raise money for breast augmentation using breast implants, which she says will boost her self-esteem.

    She took to the streets with a sign asking complete strangers for the money to have the surgery performed. Thirty -seven-year-old Chrissy Lance, wore a silver bikini and was perched perfectly upon her shiny motorcycle with a sign that alerted passerby’s that she would appreciate any donations towards the $5000 she needs for breast augmentation surgery. According to a KTLA report Lance is a barmaid and claims that she will get bigger tips with bigger breast.

    Needless to say this approach is controversial to say the least. Dr. Kim has consulted with many patients over the years who have decided to have breast augmentation, but for many different reasons do not have the finances to move forward as quickly as many of them would like to. It can be tempting to make light of the situation many women find themselves in when they realize the benefits of breast augmentation, yet financially it seems out of reach.

    Dr. Kim is sensitive to the financial limitations some patients may experience. Dr. Kim offers outside medical financing that allows patients to make payments towards their procedure. Some of the outside medical finance companies offer longer terms and also allow a cosigner. When it comes to plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation it is no surprise that women who desire the procedure will usually find a way to pay for the procedure. Some ways are more creative than others, but the reason breast augmentation continues to be the number one cosmetic plastic surgery procedure performed is because women who desire the procedure can- and will -usually find a way.

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