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    Pole fitness hot in NY, will West Coast follow?

    The West Coast, especially Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, usually set the trends. Pole fitness is not a new trend; however in New York City it continues to be one of the most popular trends. People who are adamant about its attributes swear by the benefits of true fitness and building core strength. A recent online article highlighted a fitness chain called Body and Pole which continues to grow with members and therefore has increased in space and number of locations. According to the owner most the participants are between the ages of 25 and 35 and our students, professionals, fitness buffs, and just regular people. She is emphatic that they are not strippers and she does not allow instructors to teach in heels. It is obvious that the owner wants to differentiate between exotic dancers and her clients who pursue pole fitness for the physical fitness advantages. She claims it is an intense upper body and core workout. One of the reasons it may not have exploded in our area like it has in New York City is the fact that because of our great weather we can exercise daily outside with a variety of choices available. It remains to be seen if Pole fitness will become as popular as spinning on the West Coast. Dr. Kim helps his patients understand that just because they are fitness buffs it does not mean they cannot consider breast augmentation or liposuction. Contrary to naysayers neither one of these procedures are cheating. Some patients have very mild breast augmentation just to achieve better shape and contour even in fitness clothes. This can be a very rewarding experience and does not mean that the patient will look out of proportion. Other patients even though they are fitness buffs have small areas of fat in unwanted areas and they choose liposuction to achieve better contour. As an artist and plastic surgeon Dr. Kim is able to carefully sculpt a better looking and more toned shape. Dr. Kim welcomes patients with desires as different as they are individuals. His goal is to exceed the expectations.

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