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    Los Angeles Times Makes It Clear: Check Your Plastic Surgeons’ Credentials

    In this day and age with so much information available via the internet it is amazing that patients are shocked when they learn that a doctor is not certified in plastic surgery. A recent Los Angeles Times article made it very clear how to tell if a doctor is an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon.The article included a very straightforward checklist of very simple to verify questions. The first most obvious question is to ask if the doctor is an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon. Secondly, members usually display the logo prominently in their office. Thirdly, the article reminded patients to ask the doctor if he/she has hospital privileges for the procedure that they are considering. The article did not explain in detail the value of an ASPS board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Kim explains to his patients that the requirements include an additional five years of training specifically in plastic surgery. The ASPS is the only plastic surgery specialty board recognized by the American Medical Association. Dr. Kim, offers an artistic hand to surgical procedures including breast augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. The popularity of plastic surgery has made these procedures seem rather routine; however, patients should remember that all surgeons are not created equal. Results are determined heavily by the experience and skill of the surgeon. Dr. Kim is fortunate to have a robust Beverly Hills practice based primarily on referrals from previous patients.

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