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    Most Americans think they are hot… You? NOT

    According to a recent study Americans are not short on self-confidence when it comes to their looks. A recent online article in the Orange County Register reported that most Americans rate their looks at considerably above average, with one in three grading themselves an 8, 9, or 10 on a 1-10 scale, and more than half giving themselves a 7.The study was conducted by www . According to the study people were less impressed with those around them, with 50% saying their city’s residents are overweight, only 46% saying the women in their city are beautiful and just 36% saying that men in their city are handsome.

    Other responses: People in my city dress badly (28%); People in my city have bad personal hygiene (19%) and people in my city are superficial (36%). According to the expert from living, people judge the people around them much harsher than they judge themselves. Dr. Kim explains to patients that meeting and exceeding their expectations is among his top priority. For patients considering procedures such as breast augmentation or liposuction a realistic assessment of their desires and the look that they expect following surgery is an imperative part of the consultation process. Patients must be realistic concerning the limitations their body brings to each procedure no matter how hot they think that they are.. For instance, a patient considering breast augmentation who is very thin and does not have enough of her own breast tissue may have the recommendation to use silicone implants versus saline implants, This is because of the likelihood for rippling that could be visible. For liposuction patients they need to be at or near their ideal body weight in order to achieve the best results. Patients who feel that they are unattractive prior to surgery should not choose cosmetic surgery as a means to the most attractive. Plastic surgery is an enhancement based on what you already have and is limited in the results it can deliver.

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