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    Real Housewife Kim Richards plastic surgery and rehab

    The dish on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hits home when they make the news mostly because in Beverly Hills it’s hard not to connect plastic surgery with our geographic location. The latest media frenzy came as a result of Kim Richards, who on the show is known to abuse prescription drugs and alcohol, made a trip to her plastic surgeon on the show. The plastic surgeon refused to give her more Botox because of her known addiction issues. This led some to wonder if Botox or other injectables are contraindicated for plastic surgery. The story on an online message board clarified that scientifically there is no reason to avoid injectables, even for those with prescription drug and alcohol addiction. This is only to say that the medicines will not cause specific related complications. The article also looked at the fact that patients with a known history of alcohol and drug abuse should share that with their plastic surgeon prior to surgery. If a qualified plastic surgeon allows the patient to have surgery, the plastic surgeon will help to monitor their pain medications following surgery, while taking into consideration their predisposition for drug dependency. Dr. Kim is careful to help patients realize all surgical procedures are serious and that it is imperative that they discuss their medical history with him in detail prior to surgery. This includes the more popular procedures such as breast augmentation and liposuction. Although these procedures are performed in a relatively short amount of time ,they are still surgical procedures and in order to avoid complications and ensure the best patient experience patients must be honest and forthcoming with medical information provided to Dr. Kim. Dr. Kim reminds patients that celebrity information should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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