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    What Are The Risks Of Breast Lift Plastic Surgery?

    What Are The Risks Of Breast Lift Plastic Surgery?, Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeryBreast lift plastic surgery is considered safe with a low complication rate. However, the procedure is associated with few risks just like any other surgical procedures. You should choose an experienced surgeon for minimizing these risks. It is important that you follow all guidelines and be honest about your medical history to ensure a successful surgery and a comfortable recovery. 

    plastic surgeon Dr. David Kim provides breast lift surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding locations.

    Potential Risks and Complications of Breast Lift

    Here are some of the potential risks and complications that may occur during or after a breast lift plastic surgery:


    Infection after a cosmetic surgery has become rare because of scrupulous hygiene standards and advanced antibiotics. Nevertheless, there is always a slight risk of the following signs of infection:

    • Worsening swelling
    • Redness
    • Significant discomfort
    • Pus
    • Fever
    • Skin feels hot to touch

    Bleeding or Hematoma

    Patients, in rare cases, may experience uncontrolled bleeding after the cosmetic surgery. Blood lost during the surgical procedure may on occasion collect under the skin resulting in hematoma. These blood pools may appear serious, but doctors can generally treat them by placing a small drain under the skin. 

    Adverse Reaction to Anesthesia

    Some patients experience dizziness and nausea because of sedation. Anesthesia can also result in other serious effects. An anesthesiologist will be present during the surgery to carefully monitor your response to the medication. They may adjust the anesthesia levels during the surgery to keep you comfortable and safe. 

    Poor Healing

    In some cases, the two sides of the incision don’t heal together. This may cause the tissue on either side to die. Tissue necrosis is common in patients that smoke or get traditional anchor breast lifts. The surgeon will re-suture the incision after trimming away dead tissue. Necrosis is a rare but serious risk. 

    Loss of Sensation

    There is a slight risk that you may experience permanent loss of sensation or feeling in the areola and nipple region. This is because the surgeon will reposition it during the procedure. However, this is a rare complication since the surgeon doesn’t detach the areola from underlying nerves. You should not be alarmed if you don’t have any feeling in your breasts immediately following the procedure.

    Unsatisfactory Results

    Patients, for the most part, are pleased with the results of their breast lift surgery. However, some patients may find their breasts to be uneven after getting a mastopexy performed. They may not be happy with the shape of their nipples or areolas as well. 

    Surgeons, in most cases, can fix these concerns using revisional procedures. Further surgery is rarely ever needed if you work with a qualified doctor that has experience in performing several breast lifts. 

    Unfavorable Scarring

    Scarring is a notable risk of mastopexy. Prominence of scars following a breast lift procedure will reduce as time passes. However, you should understand that scars made because of the incisions will be permanent.

    Majority of patients that consider getting a breast lift performed feel that the negative appearance of their scars will outweigh the benefits. They are usually pleased with the end results. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for breast lift surgery.

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